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Unions, don’t be used by Opposition

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For four years Amery Brown never said boo to a goose far less to his maximum leader who wasted the country’s oil boom riches on useless projects, leaving the Treasury empty. Now we hear Amery whining about “wasteful investments” by the Government in Carnival bands. Frankly one has to wonder where he was prior to today. Maybe he was in awe of Patos or maybe, like his current leader, has nothing valid to say other than spouting negatives. Actually, the Opposition as a whole seems to be taking lessons from Basdeo Panday, ie, say nothing constructive and oppose all proposals whether good for the country or not. Its new mantra is destroy, not build. And towards this end it is using the unions.

For years the unions were muzzled, they could not oppose the PNM. Now Rowley’s party is encouraging demands for wage increases which would damage the economy to the point where T&T would join the ranks of countries freezing—and in some cases cutting—wages. Watson Duke should realise he is a mere pawn in the Opposition’s strategy of destabilising our economic future. Thankfully the People’s Partnership has strong and knowledgeable economic leaders who may be able to keep us out of an austerity state. My advice would be ignore the rantings of the Opposition and bring the unions into the picture of the economics in play at this period of our development.

Ian Gianetti
Santa Cruz