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Depriving locals of learning opportunity

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ancel Roget’s statement “take your rig and go” translates into “take your jobs and go.”

The consequence of that action is to deny the current generation of our young energy professionals and craftsmen the opportunity to benefit from the technology transfer that comes with the construction of an offshore hydrocarbon processing platform–a source of vast learning opportunities and best practices in the industry for all disciplines.

For those of us energy professionals who started our careers in the early 1970’s with Texaco, Shell, Amoco and Tesoro we benefited from that opportunity, and I like many of my peers, lapped up all we could learn from our expatriate bosses. Forty-plus years later I can look back and say we were the lucky ones who benefited from being exposed to the multinationals who invested in our training and development.

So, the significance of losing the opportunity to build the next platform in Trinidad is to deprive our young energy professionals of being exposed to excellence in project management, heavy construction and all the other spin-off disciplines that come with this kind of major project.

Today in Trinidad and Tobago any one practising their trade in the energy sector knows that BPTT is the bench mark in excellence when it comes to health, safety and environmental best practices, so his rational for “take your rig and go” is nonsense and has deprived our young professionals of a great learning opportunity.


Michael P A Charles Project Engineering Consultant