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Christmas Joy, a perfect production

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

On Saturday night, I attended a show, Brian MacFarlane’s presentation “Christmas Joy—a gift of drum”, at Queen’s Hall. To put it mildly, this show was an embarrassment of riches. In a word, it was perfect.

1. The show started dead on time.

2. The performances were uniformly excellent, the voices magnificent. To single anyone out would be disrespectful to the others, although one has to marvel at the fact that Kelwyn Hutcheon still sings so beautifully, even after all this time.

3. Each musical number segued seamlessly into the other—a tribute to rehearsal and professional stage management.

4. The audience was mesmerised by the extravagantly opulent costuming of the choir and supporting players.

5, The orchestra was extremely professional and very capably conducted.

6. There was no unnecessary intermission, and when the show was finished, everyone was pleased with the timeline.

The bar was set so high, that every other production is going to be compared to this one. To Brian MacFarlane and crew I say, magnificent! Well done!