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The best of French Cuisine

Monday, March 20, 2017
French ambassador Heidi Picquard, centre, and French embassy economic officer Derek Parker with, form left, chefs Collette Ruben & her father Moses Ruben of Melange and Zazou's Pierre-Yves Le Bihan at a press conference to launch Gout de France/Good France at the Mary Street residence of the French Ambassador last week.

T&T joins in a global celebration of French gastronomy tonight Gout de France/Good France is a celebration of the vitality of French cuisine, bringing together chefs from all over the world: it is an event that prompted dialogue about different cultures by providing a common language: the language of food.

Following the success of the 2016 edition in which 1,750 chefs in 150 countries participated, the 2017 edition of Gout de France/Good France will be even more ambitious.

The third edition of Gout de France/Good France will focus on training for the catering, hotel and tourism industries, bringing together schools and students from all over the world.

Seventy one culinary schools from around the world will take part in the event by serving French-style dishes tonight.

More than 2,000 restaurants and 150 French embassies on all five continents will take part in the event by providing dishes that celebrate all categories of restaurants—from gourmet dining to exceptional bistros.

Chefs at participating restaurants will therefore offer menus showcasing French cuisine at more than 250,000 diners all around the world.

Each menu will feature dishes that are lower in fat, sugar and salt, promoting the art of eating well and respect for the environment.

Each restaurant will have the freedom to set the price of its menu and will commit to paying five per cent of sales to a local NGO working to support health and the environment.

In T&T, Zazou Bistro Moderne led by Pierre-Yves Le Bihan and Melange helmed by Moses Ruben and his daughter Collette will participate in this global event as they present their art and their culinary expertise.