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Sweet harvest as Honey Seco launches

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Members of the Brasso Seco/Morne La Croix Farmers’ Association are reaping the sweet rewards of their efforts with a first harvest of 25 gallons of honey. Last July, the community group received funding of $65,000 from the Digicel Foundation, which helped them establish a community bee apiary with the help of experts. By May 3, the group had launched their own Honey Seco brand of honey at the Brasso Seco Community Centre.

The farmers proudly displayed their first honey harvest to the community and other key stakeholders, namely: the High Commission of Canada, the United Nations Development Programme and the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute.

The farmers wanted to use climate change adaptation models for a better project, and so included a rainwater harvesting system and solar energy power sources in the apiary system.

The Farmers’ Association is excited about the benefits of the project, including future increased employment and a project which boosts community development.