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Talks on mosses, birds, at Green Market

Thursday, May 18, 2017
The Mot-Mot, an endemic bird of T&T

Two special Edible Talks will explore tropical ecology on Saturday at the Green Market in Santa Cruz. All are welcome. UWI’s Shane Ballah and Shahada Paltoo will discuss the amazing role of tiny mosses and liverworts in feeding forests. An opportunity to look through special microscopes will magnify an unseen world.

The moss experts will be joined by Lester Doodnath of the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival, who will talk about T&T’s rich bird life, and what we can do to protect birds’ habitats.

The talks are part of The Green Market’s tradition of celebrating international days dedicated to raising awareness about global agro-environmental issues. This year, the theme ties biodiversity to sustainable tourism leading up to International Biodiversity Day on May 22.

Later this month at The Green Market, on May 27, the EMA specialist on biodiversity, Danielle Lewis-Clarke, will highlight the actual assessment of biodiversity in T&T—what has been lost and what we can still preserve. Members of the Field Naturalists Society of T&T will complement her observations with tales from their own explorations into the wilds of T&T.

Edible Talks start at 9 am this Saturday and the general public is invited to be a part of these conversations on biodiversity and offer their own ideas and comments.