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Jones muscles his way to title

Friday, November 24, 2017

Yohan Jones captured the Clinton Sammy Classic Champion title at the 26th annual Clinton Sammy Classic bodybuilding competition that took place at the Thick Village Community Centre in Thick Village, Siparia, on Saturday night.

Speaking to Guardian Media Sports after his victory, Jones said, “It is a great feeling to be the champion. I competed for my first time last year and placed fifth, so I told myself, if I am going to compete again, I have to win, and I did. I am proud of myself and the hard work I put in to get here.”

Jones, who placed first in the men’s heavyweight category, took home the honour following an impressive overall showing at the event.

Shiva Ramsubhag and Isiah Garcia also had remarkable performances at the show case event.

Ramsubhag finished first in the men’s novice and men’s middleweight categories, and Garcia finished first in the men’s lightweight and men’s physique (short class) categories.

Anderson Beharry took first place in the gym show category, Wesley Graham won the men’s physique (tall class) category, and female bodybuilders Annalisa Ali and Afeya Aneisha Jeffrey won the women’s body fitness, and bikini fitness categories respectively.

Originator of the competition, Clinton Sammy, who is now 53 years old, also made an appearance at his event, captivating the crowd with his signature moves of yesteryear.

He spoke to Guardian Media Sports stating, “It is a show where athletes get their first taste of bodybuilding and then crave the hunger of this sport. All together the main goal of the show is the promotion and continuation of the sport in Trinidad and Tobago with a new vision for bodybuilding.”

Overall winner, Jones, and his fellow competitors will be bodybuilding hopefuls to keep track of, as the event has become a breeding ground for up and coming bodybuilders each year.


Gym Show:
1-Anderson Beharry
2-Fareed Haniff
3-Saadiq Gaafar.
Men’s novice:
1-Shiva Ramsubhag
2-Narindra Joseph
3-Fareed Haniff
Men’s lightweight:
1-Isaiah Garcia
2-Shemar Biggart
3-Anderson Beharry
Men’s middleweight:
1-Shiva Ramsubhag
2-Andy Manswell
3-Laurence John
Men’s heavyweight:
1-Yohan Jones
2-Rakheem Roberts
3-Juan Claude De gannes
Women’s body fitness:
1-Annalisa Ali
2-Heidi Mahadeo
3-Andrea Mohess
Bikini fitness:
1-Afeya Aneisha Jeffrey
2-Cheryl Ann Ragoonanan
3-Kellee Jackee
Men’s physique (Short class)
1-Isaiah Garcia
2-Rondell Paul
3-Taariq Mohammed
Men’s physique (Tall class)
1-Wesley Graham
2-Kelroy Hospedales
3-Edimer Ordaz